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I’m seriously ashamed of myself. Why? Well, though I’ve been meaning to for as long as I can remember, I have still to feature any turntablism in any of our features. This is more shocking when you consider one of our contributors, ThatKidNamedCee, is a turntablist! Damn shame.

Well, I might not make up for it with just one post, but I can sure try. And let me just say, I swear turntablists will be getting way more play from now on.

Now, in case you think these are going to be some scratch happy mixes detracting from the music, let me just put your worries to rest. We are featuring three dope mixes from three scratch masters (actually one of the mixes is from a group) who besides being awesome at the skills you expect a DJ to have, blending and song selection, these skilled marksmen perform amazing feats of turntable wizardry that will astound you, al the while maintaing the integrity of the music intact.

See, when a turntablist is good, his scratches are not annoyances ruining the track, a turntablist worth his needles uses the turntable as another instrument in the orchestra; their scratches are like an additional narrator if you will, enhancing the plotline of the story the music is telling you. Dude, open your mind and listen, these mufuggas are gonna blow your mind!

First up is DJ Needlz coming at us from the Lone Star state. Needlz takes some of todays biggest EDM bangers and does things to them that might shock the average EDM teeny bopper. Of course, the real deal fans of music will notice by the time he wraps up with an awesome scratch session, that Needlz is on point. Next up is Dorian Pearce from Graz/Vienna, Austria. This dude right here is mother funking sick! His scratching is so superb, sometimes you don’t even notice it, that’s how good he embeds his itchy scratchy into the music. Last up we have Trans4mers a UK based crew who are “bringing the art on Turntablisum to the dance music scene”. So they spell it different, so what, but you will understand one thing after you press play on this mix: these guys are pure artists!

So, without further ado, let the drummer get wicked!

Dj Needlz

Kill Tha EDM Dorian Pearce

Occupy Dancefloor Mix TRANS4MERS

Trans4mer DJ Crew – Old Skool MegaMix 2010