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Memorial Day Weekend is here! This holiday is for remembering the men and women who have died while serving in the US Armed Forces fighting for our freedom. Do take a moment to pay your respects to them, but also take a moment to ponder what we’re going to do with that hard earned freedom. Some say we are not taking advantage of our situation, of our resources, that we are in fact falling behind in math, science, and EDM. Yes, I said EDM.

Listen, House music may have its roots in Disco, German industrial music, African rhythms, but it all came together here in New York, Chicago, New Jersey -yes, I said New Jersey too. Thing is House music had to jump the pound to get noticed and while there engaged in coitus with a few of the local genres and created a slew of children that are now tearing up the parties, the charts, and the globe. And where is America? Our latest musical innovation is LL Cool J doing a duet with Country Western artist Brad Paisley. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I would love to feature country western DJs on this site, still, where has our dance music innovation gone?

The latest descendant of the almighty House music is Electro Swing. Have you put your ears to this? It is stupendous, exciting, fresh, Magnifique; yes, I used a French word on this American holiday because no matter how hard I looked I could barely find one stateside DJ representing for the genre! France, Germany, the UK, even mufuggin Canada are represented lovely in droves. America? Not so much.

I’m not saying they are not out there, in fact the first two mixes featured below are from homegrown DJs ju^2 and Shakti Bliss, it’s just that after a few days of searching I find that DJs from the US of A, are not as prevalent in the production of this wonderful sound called Electro Swing as those from abroad. And this isn’t some fly by, obscure, flash in the pan movement we can ignore either. Electro Swing is a real thing, with its own fashion, clubs, websites, blogs, and more dedicated to it. We need to fix this.

So, come on DJs of America give us some nice juicy sets featuring this new, fresh, and funky sound that is Electro Swing. Do it for God (who is a DJ by the way) and country. Make that your Memorial Day resolution.


Set – April2013 – @ Flame Festival (electro swing / breaks)

Shakti Bliss

In A Dream : Live Radio Broadcast


Mondo Exotica Swing Junction 7 – Hop ! Dj Tomahawk Mix – Free DL


j‘y swing, j‘y reste!