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The Temple Boat party held last weekend, Friday May 25th and hosted by Ruben Toro serves as the official kick-off to the summer boat party season, and 1200Dreams was fortunate enough to be a part of it!

DJ Inti 1200DreamsSee, we helped a bit with the promotions but, yours truly was also bestowed with the honor of being one of the two invited DJs!

The party was banging for sure; Toro did his usual wizardry behind the decks spinning the crowd of “grown folks” into a frenzy with classic House, Soul, Disco, and downright funky goodness. While I, DJ Inti, along with Tommy Rignola held down the bottom deck with a bit more modern but just as effective goods.

Now, I aint gonna front, you’ll notice a few hiccups in my set most notably some volume drops and some cringe worthy blends, def not my best set. Now, I don’t want to make excuses but it took me a bit to get used to the Pioneer DDJ-S1, though it is an awesome piece of gear. I think I was affected more by the crowd being delayed about an hour in boarding though; this cut into my set forcing me to eliminate the majority of my selection. That being said, I set it off just right for the Classic House heads in attendance. And next time, I aint planning so much.

Tommy Rignola DJ TriconicNow, DJ TR on the other hand simply rocked the boat, in a good way. His set was precise, pounding, and needless to say, kept the crowd dancing; we all did. The Temple family and in particular Ruben Toro, has a very loyal following, and the demographics are astounding. You have grown folks getting down right besides and with the young and fancy. You have classic House heads and those that like the new ish too. And guess what, everyone had a great time!

Following is my set, hiccups and all, followed by TR’s set broken into two parts. Toro’s set was not recorded; he needs to be experienced live. Which means I’ll see you at the next Temple party!

DJ Inti

Temple Boat Party


Temple Boat Party 2012 LIVE Disk 1 DJ TR aka TRICONIC

Temple Boat Party 2012 LIVE Disk 2