It is Father’s Day weekend, you know what I have planned? Nothing, that’s what. Oh wait, that didn’t work last year and it won’t work again this year. As is custom in my family, we are driving out of town to celebrate with the inlaws. I just wish I had someone else to drive, that’s how bad I want to do nothing, but hey, I’ll be chillaxing once we reach our destination. I hope.

In the meantime, I have the perfect music music for sitting back and relaxing too. If you know your music, you’ll be more than familiar with the Cafe Del Mar series of chillout mix compilations. This outfit, based out of Ibiza, has been putting out compilations since the 90’s. No one, and I truly mean no one puts together chiller albums then these guys. What better soundtrack to a weekend of straight hardcore chilling, or as I like to call it, chillaxing, than an hour plug long mix of chillout vibes?

Yeah baby, that it. Oh what? You don’t really expect me to write more do you? I have chillaxing to do. See you on the other side of the weekend party people!

Café Del Mar Chillout Mix May 2014


(couldn’t resist adding a bonus mix)

Fuzzy logic – Love Too Deep mix