WEEKENDMIX 7.11.14: From The Beatles To Twerking It's a Young Persons World

WEEKENDMIX 7.11.14: From The Beatles To Twerking It's a Young Persons World

As I sat to write this edition of WeekendMix, the documentary The Sixties is on CNN, again. I had been meaning to catch it, but just never seemed to have the time. I definitely didn’t plan on it this particular nite, but there it was and 10 minutes in I was hooked. Watching it, it struck me how The Beatles signified the beginning of this youth culture that today we take for granted. Needless to say, I put aside the mixes I had already selected for this weeks edition of WeekendMix and zeroed in on some new mixes as well as some I had in the pipeline that I feel represent the sounds of today’s youth culture. Which if I were to compare to the origin story, is more an underground invasion than a British one.

I’m not talking about House or even EDM, but the new sounds emerging from the even deeper underground that the youngest scenesters are intimately familiar with. The first featured mix below by DJ KayyDrizz comes packing with plenty of examples such as Twerk, Dubstep, and Juke. Then there’s DJ B Scott with a def Trap mix that provides a more urban less electro inspired form of the much maligned genre. Straight up, this mix is sick. There are also new iterations of genres we are familiar with, or thought we were familiar with, such as a new form of Jungle called Footwork Jungle. What is it? Well, Machine Drums mix will introduce you to it and if you liked the former you just might be surprised by the latter.

Of course, these are just a small representation of tomorrow’s sounds, but I feel it’s enough to help get the older ones amongst us caught up in case you’ve been, I don’t know, perhaps listening to too much easy listening radio lately. And keep in mind, if you find the grinding and the twerking associated with some of these genres offensive, you could always just focus in on the music and creative process while trying to remember that you were once a young and crazy teenager too.

Listen, I know these days marketing is heavily aimed at the youth market and it’s easy to get sour, especially if you’ve, um, passed that stage, but rest easy, everyone grows older and will age into an older demographic, if you’re lucky! Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the new sounds. Fact is music has no age restrictions and besides, we’re all young at heart.



DJ B Scott

Filthy Sexy Trap Mix

Machine Drum

Sunshine Mix