July 5, 2013 Share


It’s July 4, well, as of this writing 46 minutes past what was July fourth. It’s now close to 1AM and I’m drunk. Well, not really, I just feel that way, I’m really just tired. Never got around to writing this earlier in the day, got caught up in the festive mode of the day, but I have four mixes that will more than make up for my lateness and provide the tunes you need to continue the festive mode straight through the weekend.

We have an awesome opening set by DJ Rhys Bynon featuring 80’s dance and pop classics and plenty of feel good, party rocking vibes. We follow that up with a groove inducing mix by DJ Delicious full of Disco and simply good music. We then step it up a notch, well, a lot of notches with a Trap mix by DJ Ronnie Blaze. Hold onto your hats with this mix. Last up is a mind blowing mix by DJ Cassandria Daiva. This mix will have you grooving late into the nite with some high energy house music, hopefully you’ll have enough energy by the time you get to this one.

Ok, party people, have a great independance day weekend and whatever you do, be safe!

Rhys Bynon


Dj Delicious

Delicious Does Disco House!!

DJ Ronnie Blaze

Dubsteppin’ In The Trap Mix (Freestyle)

Cassandria Daiva

Channel 8 by Cassandria Daiva: Episode 007 (June 14 2013)