Is it just me or are there a shit load of birthdays July through September? No exaggeration, I think I have received no less than 50 birthday invitations and/or reminders in the last two weeks alone! I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks they know the reason why. I think it has to do with all that baby making action that goes on during the festive months between October and early January. Either hyped on Halloween candy, in the spirit of giving thanks, or full of that Christmas spirit -among other things- people just seem to get really touchy-feely during this period, hence all the summer babies.

I’m not complaining mind you, I’m a product of all that touchy feely action being born in August myself (looks like my parents waited till New Years eve), plus it simply means there are lots of parties during the best season of the year! It’s as if God herself loves to party and made it this way! Or the universe or whatever you believe. Either way, it’s awesome, so let’s celebrate.

Now, I know there are big famous DJs born in the summer, but most tend to hide their birthdays like Hollywood actresses and I just didn’t want to bother hunting them down. Besides, I want to focus on underground DJs, which is in line with the spirit of our WeekendMix anyway. So, following are a slew of DJs whose birfdays (yes, I spelled it that way) are July through September 21st, the last freaking day of summer! Some of these DJs I know personally, while others I am simply a fan of, regardless they are all great DJs and deserve to be featured no matter what time of the year it is, besides, they are always there to rock our birfdays, it’s time we celebrate them. So without further ado, let’s celebrate these DJs birfdays and enjoy the rest of our summer before it’s gone!


Myrto Joyce

July 26

Pablo Lucero

August 8

Sterling Void

August 13

Davidson Ospina

August 15

DJ Dres

August 28

Cuba Ulacia

August 30


September 9

Steve Amorosso

September 15

Justin​ Schumacher

September 18

Perez Massimo

September 20

Scott Richmond

September 21

Thomas Rignola


Our friend Pablo Calderon who celebrated a birthday August 1!