It’s that time of the year so many of us dread; the end of Summer. Vacations are but pics posted on your Facebook wall, the kiddies are getting ready to head back to school, and the fact that you won’t be excited for some time off until November, makes the empending season seem that much gloomier. But hey, it’s my birthday so cheer up mufuggas and let’s end the summer with a bang!

It being the end of summer and my birthday, I had to come correct, so I’ve selected not one or even three, but five mixes. And they are all banging mixes for different reasons. I selected the following five mixes not because they are necassarily relevant to something going on this weekend, in which case I’d be featuring only DJs slotted to perform at Electric Zoo this weekend (planning to do that next weekend), but mixes that are relevant to me. Hey, I did say it’s my birthday didn’t I? And it’s a big one too. Won’t tell you what milestone I’m hitting, you’ll have to find out for yourself, but let’s just say it’s big enough for me to pull the birthday card.

As you see reflected on this site, at least I hope you do, the music we feature is varied, something we’ve been consciously trying to improve on even more. My personal tastes are just as varied, but still, when it comes down to my favorite sounds or DJs, I do tend to zero in on certain frequencies, certain types of vibes, certain DJs. So, since it’s my bday weekend I’m going to share some sounds that reflect who and what I like, what I listen to when riding the subway or driving, you know, in my own space such as Robbie Rivera and Matt Darey. Oh, and these mixes just so happen to be perfect to close the summer off with too. The mixes by Rectified, Dave Aura, and DJ Feva will make you wish it was summer all year long. Didn’t think I was going to leave you high and dry, did you.

Have a great weekend party people. And happy birfday to me!

Robbie Rivera

The Juicy Show Episode 370

Matt Darey

Nocturnal 408 – Live 2 hour set from USA tour


Pow! [Free Download]

Dave Aura

Club Sessions THIRTY!

DJ Feva

dubhoppin – inner b-boy skanks >>VOLUME 4