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A new association is formed to represent dance music, EDM around the globe. Good or bad?

There are many types of fans, but it takes a special kind who can earn the badge of Super fan. Christina DiGiacomo is one such fan.

DJ Sneak, Richie Hawtin, Joey Beltram and Wolfgang Garntner all feature on this electric double-mix compilation.

Electric Zoo brought many DJs to NYC, some so familiar they’re known by moms in Kansas others, not so much. This episode of DJ of the Week is for one of those finally getting his props, Paco Osuna.

The Lemur controller is a legendary multi-touch controller that had a short life, but now it’s back as an iOS app and priced within reach! Read, watch, then buy, here!

The Amsterdam Dance Event is happening right now, but we don’t have to totally miss out on the fun. Enjoy these three sweet sets from the conference by three mega DJs you love!