May 6, 2013


I first began getting familiar with the DJ known as Sampology like you would most DJs you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing live yet, by listening to his mixes online. As I had imagined, he is good. What I didn’t expect was just how wicked he really is. I immediately began reading up on Sampology, whose real name is Sam Poggioli, by reading anything I could find. I hit up his Twitter, his Tumblr and of course, his Facebook page, and various other sources in an effort to learn more about this wicked turntable wizard from Australia. After a few hours of this, his music serving as the soundtrack the entire time (and occasionally stopping to watch one of his always interesting and usually hilarious mash-up videos), I came to one conclusion: no matter what I read, how many funny, weird, and crazy pictures and album covers I see on his pages, if you really want to know who Sampology is, it all comes down to his work behind the decks. Did I say he is wicked?

Listening to Sampology’s work, one quickly realizes that no amount of reading material found online will do him justice. No Q&A, no bio, no one off article (including this one) can be in depth or encompassing enough to give you the proper perspective on someone as out there as Sampology. Just listen to his mixes containing everything from Soul and Funk to Dancehall, Hip Hop, samples, loops, breakbeats and weird shit you’ve never heard, and you will understand what I mean. And his live shows? Well, not only is Sampology throwing the aforementioned concoction of sound at you, but he adds an intense video spectacular to the whole affair that is simply so mindfuckingly good even YouTube videos fall short of capturing the real intensity of these events.

Sampology is the new breed of DJ purists curse in their sleep. The quintessential average kid become mad scientist in the confines of his bedroom. They would be surprised to know however that Sampology knows his craft and has an ear for the sounds of yesterday as much as he does for those of today. Equal part selector, turntablist, and geek, Sampology is definitely a new breed of DJ.

Sampology put out a few official and nonofficial tunes and mixes over the years, but finally in 2011, he dropped his debut “Super Sounds EP”. He dropped his debut album, ‘Doomsday Deluxe’ in June 2012 then promptly went on the Super Visual Apocalypse tour, which took him from his home in Australia then New Zealand before hitting Canada in September 2012. The feedback was massive as it has been at the many festivals around the world such as Big Day Out, SXSW, Big Chill Festival, Berlin Music Festival, Falls Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sydney Festival, Tropfest and Adelaide Fringe Festival in which he has mesmerized the crowds.

It’s not only the crowds at the worlds biggest festivals that are hyped on the kid from down under. Sampology is being courted by other industry vets who are also digging his wicked audio and visual trickery. He was recruited by Chris Lilley of Angry Boys/Summer Heights High to produce an audio and video remix for S.Mouse and The Wiggles, yes, the Wiggles, asked him to lend his magic touch to their 20th anniversary tribute album “ReWiggled”. Fact is, he’s been approached about more such projects and I suppose I could do the proper journalist thing and list more, but that just won’t do and frankly, I want to get back to the good stuff; the only thing that can really give you an idea of what Sampology is all about are his mixes, this is the stuff that really matters. Are you ready?





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