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Our third featured Latino DJ in our month long celebration of them is none other than Johnny “Juice” Rosado. Get ready to get educated from old school to new school, you’re gonna get schooled.

It’s July bitches! Hot beaches and hot bods call for hot beats and who better than A-Trak to bring the heat? Let’s go!

Sampology is the new breed of DJ purists curse in their sleep. The quintessential average kid become mad scientist in the confines of his bedroom. He is definitely a new breed of DJ. But he knows his shit. So they better get used to it.

If you’re new to the game of turntablism, you better get familiar with loopers. This interview with looper genius and turntablist supreme Doc Jeezy should set you straight.

This weekend we want to go on a special kind of trip only a turntablist can take us. So, we’re featuring two! Get ready!

We all know music has power; it lifts our spirits and there is one DJ that epitomizes the DJ as healer persona more than the average DJ and that is DJ Shiro.