August 12, 2013
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This summer has not been lacking in music. Each release seems to find its niche. Names of producers are becoming as recognizable as those of Singers/performers/artists. I find myself asking “Whose mix is that, whose production?” The quality of music isn’t taking a back seat to the wailers of a song. Even genres such as Drum and Bass, a genre I wasn’t as familiar with until recently and has global attention, and has been given but a cursory glance here in the states is getting attention because of the quality produced. With DJ/producers like BTK, that’s sure to rapidly change.

Brazilian born Vinicius Honorio, known in the Drum and Bass scene as BTK, has done work for such labels as Virus Recordings, Shogun Audio, Playaz Recordings and Renegade Hardware. His debut album on Virus Recordings (produced together with Optiv) stormed the charts in summer 2012. With a techno background his inspirations are the likes of DJ Murphy (Brazil), Jeff Mills, Christian Varela, and Ritchie Hawtin. His first foray into DnB was at the end of 1999, Ed Rush & Optical, The Creeps LP.

Vibe magazine listed BTK as one of the 12 Rising Drum n’ Bass DJs You Need to Hear (February 2013). BTK has sold out venues across Europe, Austrailia, and South America, and his production receives support from some of the biggest DJs in the scene such as Andy C, Ink, Ed Rush & Optical, Dom & Roland, Gridlok, The Upbeats and Audio.

BTK founded his own label, Dutty Audio, in 2010. This serves as a platform for his own music and collaborations, as well as some renowned guest artists like Maztek, Optiv, Audio & Meth, Mob Tactics, Future Signal, Subtension, Incognito, Mindscape, DLR, Octane, 2 Shy MC and the list goes on. Dutty Audio’s mission is to produce quality tracks release after release. His selection of artists and producers to represent his signature sound and vibe seem to fall in line with that mission. The upcoming release, Dose’s Hashtag EP is already getting massive attention.

BTK, a resident of Switzerland is scheduled to play on August 31, 2013 at The End of Summer Festival at The Most Open Air (Ukraine), along with Optiv, Audio, Cooh, Katwon, Lesha Zarin, Stepkillah, Duberman, Trilobeat, Zhukah and Stereomind. After a series of successful collaboration, he has released solo projects, with his most recent solo project, Try/Bandits (V Records) scheduled for release in September 2013. He has managed to amass a number of upcoming releases that are sure to make their way, and impact, across US dance floors.

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