DJ OF THE WEEK 9.17.12: JEANNIE HOPPERWhen I first discovered House music, the main way for you to get your ears on new music was via mixtapes, record stores, and late nite weekend radio. By the time I graduated from High School and went out on my own, radio had changed a bit. House music had blown up on the national stage for the first time and the European influence was already echoing back to the states. Hip Hop had blown up as well, even more so in fact. Radio was either commercial dance or Hip Hop; the late nite shows reflected this.

Then one nite, while skipping around the dial, I came across some House tunes, and not from one of the main radio stations, this music was coming from a spot on the dial I usually skipped. But it was definitely House, it was uniquely underground, and the soothing female radio personality was unknown to me. Not since back when I was hunting down mixtapes or going to the record store every weekend had I felt so connected and so engulfed in House music. Well, just short of 20 years later that show, Liquid Sound Lounge, is still on the radio, still providing the tri-state area with deep underground House music you won’t hear on commercial radio, and behind the decks is still that same warm and soothing voice, the voice of Jeannie Hopper.

You can tell just from listening to Jeannie Hopper on her world famous show that she truly loves the music and that her knowledge of the people behind it is vast. But, when you hear her voice, as recognizable as some of the biggest House tracks she plays, you’ll notice it has as much an air of modesty as it does that famous warmth. You wouldn’t know from listening to her just how much she has accomplished during her career and more importantly, all that she does to keep the scene thriving, and not just for the tri-state area that can receive her radio show via the airwaves.

Jeannie Hopper is a remarkable DJ herself, playing at least a few gigs a week locally. She’s also rocked party people all over the world – over 20 countries so far. She’s also an accomplished vocalist and recording artists as well; she appeared on vinyl for the first time back in 1995 in a DJ Romain & Jon Cutler production by the name of “Deja Vu”. Hopper also runs her own record label -same name as the radio show.

Hopper is a true purveyor of all things House, and she goes far beyond just playing music on the radio. She interviews many of the scenes top artists, tastemakers, and more almost every week; she is always ready to spread the word, participate and support various arts and cultural events. Speaking of the arts, she also serves as host and producer at the Clocktower Gallery’s Art International Radio. Needless to say, Hopper is a major influencer and she is recognized and loved by many for her efforts.

Still, all these years later it is still Jeannie Hopper’s work on the radio that wields her the mightiest praise. If I’m in the car at the right time, Saturday nites from 7 to 9:30pm, I know which station I’m turning too. A smile still washes over my face when I tune in and Jeannie is dropping a slew of deep House grooves, interspersed only with that voice, just as soothing and warm as way back when. House music never sounded so good.

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