A day late due to the last minute shopping, but better late than never. While Jack Frost lingers outside the window, the heat from this weekends videos warms up the house. The bells are ringing, and the lights from the trees shine across the nation. Santa’s night is here, and soon all of our dear children will wake up to a gift which will bring a smile to thier faces.

Here at we want to put a smile on all our grown-up viewers faces as well, so on this Freaky Reggaeton Friday we bring you a selection of festive videos from the best of the Reggaeton and Tropical music world. We start off with a new joint from artist Onyx Ft. Fuego called “Esta Navidad”.

The smell of roast pork spreads throughout the house while a big pot of rice with chick peas cooks in low fire. The potato salad has already been finished, and the final preparations for the Flan are underway. Dad sits comfortably in the sofa drinking a cup of Coquito, while the sounds of classic tropical music blast through the speaker. The classics are always the best to celebrate and reminisce, and the next group or better yet, Orquestra is always in the christmas playlist. Over 40 years of hits, El Gran Combo is truly a part of the Christmas holiday.

Staying on track with the classics, the original song never had a video, but that didn’t stop someone from whipping up this homebrewed video for Pedrito Fernandez’s Christams classic “El Burrito De Belen”.

No matter what type of genre of music you listen to, a Christmas song will always touch the hearts, especially when an artist like Don Omar remakes a classic. “Tamborilero” raises all spirits of the holidays, causing even Ebenezer Scrooge to lift his cup of Coquito into the air.

Christmas songs might not be what they use to be, but the new generation of Latino artists definitely shines brighter than the star on top of the Rockefeller Center tree. We end this weekend with Tito “El Bambino” paying tribute to the Christmas holiday with this rhythmic track which highlights the festive celebrations on the island of Puerto Rico.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks selection of videos. From all of us at, we want to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas y Feliz Navidad.