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You know we had to come correct in honor of the Puerto Rican Day parade this weekend and post Freaky Reggaeton Fridays! We have FIVE videos for you, that’s CINCO, and they’re all CALIENTE!

Reggaeton sure has evolved and Don Omar just switched it up again with his new Electro-infused single featuring Mims!

We might not be able to afford some of the cars currently on display at the NY Auto show, but we can dream.

As a sign of support for Trayvon Martin and all those we’ve lost because of idiotic beliefs, we feature artists wearing hoodies in their videos. We might not be able to right the wrong or heal the wound, but we can try.

With love in the air, we thought we’d bring you a special Valentine’s edition of Freaky Reggaeton Fridays a couple days early in hopes it will help you get your freak on, er, we mean lucky in love.

We aint no Sports network, so I don’t have to play politics and hide my love for my favorite Team. So, this weekends Freaky Reggaeton Friday is dedicated to the New York Giants. Whatchu say about that?

We’re expanding Freaky Reggaeton Fridays in 2012. And we don’t only mean by covering genres other than Reggaeton, but other cultures too. Wanna see what you get when you add some Asian flavors to our Latin Sazon?

We gonna wrap up 2011 and start up the new year with a bang, or at least get you in the mood to bang after you watch these hot Reggaeton videos!

Just because it’s the Holiday’s, it doesn’t mean we can’t get freaky. We just add a donkey. It’s not what you think. Freaky Reggaeton Fridays returns with a special Holiday edition. Feliz Navidad people!!

I think we’re gonna spoil you if we keep bringing you these hot Reggaeton and Tropical goodies, thing is, we can’t help ourselves. Let’s go!