NEW MUSIC: Brazilian Soul Crew  feat Rainy Payne
October 10, 2013
RescuePoetix (98 articles)

NEW MUSIC: Brazilian Soul Crew feat Rainy Payne

There is something spectacular when a producer and a vocalist join forces. The fusion of voice and song, while undoubtedly is hard work, becomes magic, especially when both sides of that creative process are experienced in what they are doing.

Nic Horton, who has likely forgotten more than a lot of us know, is a forceful producer. His sounds are deep and all encompassing. He’s a perfectionist for quality and has a sharp ear for vocal edits that fit in a song as if they weren’t built separately, but born together. Couple this force with Spoken Word artist Rainy Payne, who has been releasing professionally since 2008 with her harmonizing word play and you’ve got a sure fire banger on your hands.

The EP, Brazilian Soul Crew ft. Rainy Payne – Less Than, is scheduled to be released on Grooveland Music Fall/Winter 2013. Nic Horton’s Inner Fire Dub combines Horton’s forceful production with Payne’s melodic vocals to introduce us to a collaboration that is not only a body motivator, but carries a message that empowers the spirit.