NEW MUSIC: PASO DOBLE feat. POPPY (dSans 5.9 edit)
October 10, 2013
RescuePoetix (98 articles)

NEW MUSIC: PASO DOBLE feat. POPPY (dSans 5.9 edit)

Music touches all of us at varying degrees. Each level deeper is a memory we carry with us to the point that at the first note the journey that song takes us on is magnified. It becomes a more profound experience each time.

When Paso Doble & Melomania Records first introduced Forget Me via Vol.2 Various Artists Melomania Records in summer of 2012, this seductive tune of break up and regret became an instant favorite of mine. Featuring the captivating lyrics and voice of singer Poppy, it’s one of those songs that, for me, never gets old.

So, imagine one of your favorite songs made just that much better. Doesn’t happen very often, does it? Enter Diego Sans, a New York based producer, to give this tune a twist for the dance floor. His quiet intensity is obvious in his dSans 5.9edit of the origin acoustically driven song. He’s given it a dance floor lift that I expect will be making its moves from dance floor to dance floor.

Check out the original and Diego Sans edit.





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