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Sometimes, you are so close to someone you don’t get to fully appreciate their accomplishments. Such is the case with friend and fellow 1200Dreams writer, Rescue Poetix.

We recap our top 10 DJ of The Week’s for 2013!

Melomania Records has shown a consistent commitment to quality music. The Light proves that the commitment is to keep that legacy going.

King Casamena gives ‘Majestic’ the red carpet treatment with remixes by Osunlade, Ezel, Sobz, Zulumafia and Dikmal.

Forget Me is one of those tunes that hangs around like a bittersweet memory.

The new trio made up of Paso Doble, Jacob Santo, and Apostolos is set to drop their first album titled ‘From The Bottom of The Volcano,’ in December, but it’s already sounding so good I had to share the teaser with you.

Casamena Radio Hour V1 was a project 3 years in the making. It is well worth the wait.

Carlos Mena blazes a path through a richly diverse background from poetry to hip hop to batá rhythms to House, leaving no rhythm unturned.