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If there is one person in the music industry who can be considered diverse, crosses borders to touch people and gives those people cause to celebrate, it’s Duce Martinez.

Continuing our focus on Latino DJs, this week we present a Latina. Mikki Afflick, in a few short years, has turned her dream into a reality. Producer, DJ, label owner, this lioness is no joke!

Another House soldier has fallen with the passing of producer and engineer, George Mena. R.I.P

When we set out to create 1200Dreams, we wanted to write about all the people that live, breathe and eat nitelife culture; not just the DJs and the artists but the producers, the record label execs, and the promoters too, such as Robbi The Promoter.

There is a difference between “RE”mastered “RE”mixed “RE”worked & “RE”made. Now matter which way you dice it, however, Ospina masters it!