Mastering The "RE" – Ospina Set To Drop New Single "The More I Get – The More I Want It"
February 7, 2012
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Mastering The "RE" – Ospina Set To Drop New Single "The More I Get – The More I Want It"

I can go back into my musical memory bank and recall many that have taken a track and added their own vibe and flavor and bam, it’s a masterpiece all over again. Sadly, not many accomplish this track. Many fail to realize that whether it’s “re”mastered, “re”mixed, “re”worked, or “re”made, the genius is when it stands alone as a NEW track.

When someone takes a track that was possibly a classic to an older generation and gives it a new signature, makes it speak to a new audience, a new genre, “re” generating it, if you will, for a new generation, you create the opportunity for this “re”work to become a new classic for the future. This is how you give homage to the original work while contributing to the evolution and history of music. I call that mastering the “RE”.

My hats off to those “RE” Masters/Mistresses of Music who make the old new again, who reinterpret, recycle, and reenergize the tunes that serve as the soundtracks of our lives, our culture.

The following two videos are a perfect example of what I’m talking about. First up, we have the original, ‘The More I Get The More I Want’ by Teddy Pendergrass. This track was a headbanger in the clubs back in the day, the original was released in 1977. Next up, we have the “re”make by Davidson Ospina Ft. David Walker with background vocals by: Melonie Daniels & Barbara Tucker!! Release is scheduled for March 2012 (Ospina Digital), but already you can tell, Ospina has a new classic on his hands. Yep, he has mastered the “re”.




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