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The analog vs. digital debate continues and one NYC veteran recently shared his feelings on this issue. We loved it so much, we’re publishing it here in our newly coined Sound-Off section!

Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories is here. What more can I say other than we have the links so you can buy it in Mp3 format or VINYL now!

When we set out to create 1200Dreams, we wanted to write about all the people that live, breathe and eat nitelife culture; not just the DJs and the artists but the producers, the record label execs, and the promoters too, such as Robbi The Promoter.

Real or fake this video of some pretty out there vinyl throwing is pretty cool.

Real DJ Fake DJ battle heats up when DJ Sneak calls out Swedish House Mafia for being “DJ actors”. WTF? This nonsense has got to stop.

Vinyl is dead. Long live vinyl. Whatever your stance, some people love their records, really love their records. Check out our list of some of the most interesting videos of vinyl lovers and their collections.