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It’s been a big hit on Ibiza, now get set for a new instrumental and just as powerful version Dehasse’s “Excel”!

Hot beat, scorching synths, Zenbi’s Rolling Stoner is going to burn up the dance floors.

Before he was cooking up a storm on Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen, Chef Barret was cooking it up in New York City’s dance scene.

There are many types of fans, but it takes a special kind who can earn the badge of Super fan. Christina DiGiacomo is one such fan.

Davids Guetta announces he is retiring. The world splits in two as haters and fans speak up!

Danny Tenaglia’s resigning is a sad affair for EDM, but it’s also a wake-up call for me, what about you?

The name is chumbo, Superchumbo and much like the name, Tom Stephan creates music and DJ sets that are different, yet alluring. Get familiar.

Only one man can properly set things off in Miami for the Winter Music Conference, and only one man can be this week’s DJ OF THE WEEK, and that is none other than Danny Tenaglia!