Vinyl Throwing: Real or Fake It's Cool
May 14, 2012

Vinyl Throwing: Real or Fake It's Cool

This video went live on YouTube last week and is quickly making the rounds. Viral status? Maybe, but it’s definitely a conversation starter, and whether it Is real or fake seems to be the main one. I find some of the YouTube comments saying you can’t do this with mp3’s to be the most funny. I mean, seriously? Some people need to chill.

I for one hope it is real, though unless the people behind this reveal their secrets, I guess I’ll never know, because I’ll never throw my records like that.

Looking at some of these tricks, ok, most of them, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all an ellaborate stunt. Hopefully, it’s not the beginning of some ad campaign for some soda or anyhing, otherwise I’m cool.

Check the vid and share your thoughts.




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