WeekendMix 11.16.12: IRWIN LESCHET – CREW LOVE
November 16, 2012 Share

WeekendMix 11.16.12: IRWIN LESCHET – CREW LOVE

Man, after the m a s s i v e mix Bassnectar slayed us with in our DJ of The Week feature earlier in the week, we need to bring it down a bit. BUT WAIT! Bringing it down does NOT mean less powerful, less moving, or less funky in any way. Quite the opposite actually! In this WeekendMix we feature an up and coming DJ by the name of Irwin Leschet from Cologne, Germany. And his set titled CREW LOVE,” is simply a different type of powerful.

With over 20 years under his belt and experience in more genres than you can even name, Irwin has a profound understanding of the music he wields. And quite frankly, it’s evident in the emotions he will stir inside of you. Unlike the sound his fellow German countrymen are known for, Irwin does not present you a hard Techno laden mix. instead, he delivers a set of Smooth beats, sweet melodies, and lovely vocals that come together to take you on an emotional journey you simply will not want to return from.

Despite his years in the scene and having spun records for nite revelers in everything from bars to lounges to holding down residencies in well known hot spots such as Liquid Sky Club and Elektro Bunker, Irwin is still a relative unknown on the international scene – but we think that is going to change. His attention to detail both on the technical end and with the human factor as well, his skill layering and blending not only the music but our states of minds is simply too good to stay confined to Europe for much longer. Expect to hear more from Irwin. In the meantime, please, oh pretty please, do yourself a favor press play, and feel the power.

1) Aleah – Water and Wine (Stefan Biniak Private Edit)
2) Ry & Frank Wiedemann – Howling
3) Leschet & Wilde – Sunstrobe (Fennec&Wolf Remix)
4) Solange – Loosing you (Cyril Hahn Remix)
5) Gem Club – 252 (Lexer & Talul Edit)
6) Monkey Safari – Hi Life (Cheeky Bold Cover)
7) Robosonic – Worst Love
8) Funky Green Dogs -Fired up (Hot Since 82 Mix )
9) Chaim – Ur Around Me
10) Gus Gus – Within You (Lulu Rouge Remix)
11) Leschet & Wilde – Bigga Dog Bigga Byte 2012
12) Robert babicz – Hypno
13) Lovebreak – Tube&Berger
14) Thomas Schulz – I Do What I Can (Patty Kay’s Honeymoon Remix)
15) Grouch – Deeper

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