March 30, 2012 Share


DJ SNOOPADELICEarly this week, news hit the Interwebs that Hip Hop heavyweight, the S to the N to the double O, P. To the D, O, double G -that’s Snoop Dogg in case you can’t spell- dropped a DJ mix he did himself. More surprising for most was that it wasn’t G-Funk goodness or his own music he was mixing, but Techno and House music! Even though he has been making more and more appearances as a DJ and not a Rapper, the world was aghast!

Of course, the haters and the doubters reared their ugly heads, deriding the mix because it wasn’t really Euro Techno as the name implies, but more Deep House then Euro anything (I like to believe he did this on purpose to bring people back to where all this commercial stuff comes from). Regardless, I’m sure if he wanted to, DJ Snoopadelic would invite the haters to simply change the dial from his own branded WBalls “radio station”. He definitely doesn’t need them.

Now, what might be more surprising to most people, is that he’s taking this DJ business seriously; this isn’t his first mix or Dance music mix for that matter. Snoop’s Soundcloud page is actually over a year old, and though he has plenty of what you’d expect to hear from him in the form of his own Hip Hop singles, many with raunchy names and featuring other big names such as Pharrell, Lil John, Brandy, The Dream and many more, he also has a lot of DJ mixes.

Makes sense too. Growing up in the warm embrace of the musically rich late 60’s and 70’s, coupled with his constant desire to express himself, DJing is a perfect vehicle for Snoop. And his tastes are quite varied, which serves him and his fans very well. There are Hip Hop mixes of course, but there are also plenty of Soul, Funk, R&B, and one of my favorites a Reggae mix. He also did a mix for which he labeled the genre simply as “good music”! No matter how you dice it, Snoop brings it and you simply gotta love it.

So, let’s get to the mix, in fact, let’s get to the mixes. We’re going to feature four of Snoop Dogg’s mixes. The aforementioned Techno mix of course, as it is what inspired or more like, shocked the world this week, but also three others, including one of his other Dance mixes. You best believe you’re going to have a whole new appreciation for the West Coasts’ one and only G-Funk wizard by the time you’re done listening to these sets. And that’s something we can all dig, ya dig!