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Ok, ok, let me bring it down a notch or two, but if you managed to read the above then you know exactly how I am feeling right about now. Life is constantly changing, we all know this, but don’t you sometimes feel you’re on the sidelines, either because you’re purposefully taking a break or sometimes you’re just simply out of it and everything is just passing you by? Other times however, you’re right up in the mix, swept up in the flow and if you’re on your A game you find yourself in the zone, dodging around challenges, passing competition, leaving haters in the dust, and moving, really, really moving…fast.

Is it spring and the energy the sun has brought or is it me simply standing up to face the many challenges life is throwing at me at the moment, and there are lots of them? I don’t know, but one thing is certain, I am moving.

We are all music lovers here, and like me, I’m sure you have different soundtracks for different situations in your life, certain genres for certain moods, specific music for specific tasks. For me the following three mixes are a great representation of the way I feel energy flowing through my body when I’m deep in the flow, slightly hurried, and intent on completing a task, and lately that has been the case, a lot.

If you are a fan of Jungle and Drum & Bass you feel me right now. If you are not, you should try it sometime. As fast and frenetic as it may be, fact is, my mind is rarely going this fast, and I think that’s somewhat unfortunate really, cuz if it was I’d get even more done. For now, I have a lot of work to do so I’m going to go get to it, but not before leaving you with these three bangers.

Believemeyouwanttolistentothesebangers.Onceyougetintheflowyou’llseewhatImean. Aight?

Jungle-Drum & Bass Mix-By J-Bad

DJ Trax + Nucleus – Catch A Groove 45(Live on Jungletrain 15/04/2014)

Miniklein Jungle Jungle

EDITORS NOTE: Wrong date in title, should be 4.18.14. Guess I need more energy than I thought!