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Truth be told, true turntablism is as varied as there are genres of electronic dance music. And when it’s done right, it is down right sick! I mean the truly skilled will have you dancing and losing yourself to the groove, but will also slay you with the killer scratch skills without overdoing it.

Whether you are a party person looking to dance or a DJ on the rise, the following turntable wizards are going to show you how it’s done, and if by some miracle you are still unimpressed by the end of the nite, then drop me a line cuz I needs to hear whatchu got.

First we begin with Dubbel Dutch as featured on Turntable Lab Radio. This is the more subdued of the mixes featured and yet that is where its power lies. The mellow start is gonna have you thinking and feeling one way, but halfway through you’re gonna be wondering what funky spaceship you woke up on.

Following up is DJ Skinner with a mix made up of crunk worthy hip hop and trap beats layered with deft scratching and mixing. Brace yourself. Seriously

Last and def not least is DJ Shortee. The mix is titled party animal. I should leave it at that, but let me just say, this multi genre smorgasbord of a mix is gonna leave you breathless. Pump all three of these mixes in your headphones at around 6 or you’ll go deaf. However, if you’re in the car or hosting a house party, then by all means pump this ish loud! Just don’t get arrested.

Have a happy and arrest free weekend party people!

Turntable Lab Radio 021:

Dubbel Dutch

DJ Skinner

Broken & Trapped Live (Trap / Turntablism)


Party Animal (free download)