This week has been hectic as coding has overtaken writing, even as one of the other writers is away in the UK enjoying Southport Weekender, oh and my parents are in town. Needless to say the only thing that kept me company while in the office with my face buried in code -I have had it up to my head <border-top> with pain/inthe/ass.css and <HTML>- has been music! Thank God for music!

I began the week with a mix from the latest DJ of The Week, La Riots, and it held me down real good straight into Wednesday. Of course, you have to change it up and when I did I went looking for something else; I wanted to go as deep as I was in the code I was struggling with. I didn’t want any run of the mill pop goodies or even familiar party jumpers, just some deep underground grooves of songs I’ve never heard before. Of course, coding is sometimes a pain in the ass, no wait, it can be a bitch, and at one point my browser crashed on me and while trying to decipher the issue I cleared my history thus the links back to some of the mixes I had been listening too! Naturally, I just kept on listening and thankfully I came across the following three mixes which all hit the target dead center!

We have underground DJs Pappenheimer, Amine Edge & Dance, and Arthur Sense all bringing us banging sets of underground House, Elektro and goodies so deep they haven’t even surfaced on most peoples radar! Anyway considering I still have a lil coding to do before I spend the entire weekend being a momma’s boy, and daddies too, I’m gonna be leaving you now.


Der Kuss des Morgenlichts Vol. 7

Amine Edge & DANCE

@ Docks, Hamburg, DE

Arthur Sense

Esoteric Frequencies #033: After Sundown [May 2014] on tm-radio.com