June 14, 2013


Louie Vega and son

Father’s Day weekend is upon us; plans this weekend consist of kicking my feet up and doing as little as I can. Oh wait, scratch that, my fatherly duties won’t allow that. Turns out I’ll be driving a few hours out of town to take my kids to an oh so fun pool party with friends and family; there better be beer there.

Well, I might not be hitting the clubs this weekend, but since I run this show I can throw my own party and select my own DJs and mixes, right? I sure can. And since, I have to be up at the crack of dawn, I’m going to get right to it.

When I think of House music and my favorite DJs, a lot of names come to mind, but at that top of that list are two DJs that never falter, two DJs that are still going strong with over 60 years in the game combined and who continue to inspire not only me but legions of party people all over the world. These two legends I speak of are none other than Louie Vega, who celebrated a birthday this week and the other is Todd Terry, one so revered they actually bestowed him with the title of God. Call me old school, but these two cats right here do it for me and I can’t think of two better DJs than these two to jam out to on this Father’s day.

Happy father’s days to all the dads out there, including my beloved father, and the father’s among my family and friends. And for all you youngins whose weekend might consist of purchasing a Hallmark card and quickly handing it to your old man along with an even quicker, slightly uncomfortable yet loving hug before making your way out the door with your friends to your weekend activities, make the hug count.

Louie Vega

Deep 14 Year feat. Louie Vega Pt.1 : 2.17.13

Todd Terry

Boiler Room mix




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