July 13, 2012


1200DREAMS WEEKENDMIX 7.13.12: DNB LUVOver the last few weeks we have featured a lot of great electronic based music; House music and many of its offspring, some Latin, Disco, oh and even some of it’s stuck up but still cool step child, you know, Top 40 dance music. Hey, it’s all love; speaking of love, I have always loved House music; I grew up with it; I had it for breakfast, lunch and dinner; it would tuck me in at nite but, I wasn’t always faithful to it. See, I love Drum and Bass too.

Drum and Bass hit the scene in the 90’s and didn’t immediately enter my cultural neck of the woods, but once it did, once I did discover it, well, it was love at first er, hearing. I love the energy and its fast pace but more so, I was drawn to it’s unapologetically and overtly dramatic nature. It’s amazing to me how such a wild and chaotic jumble of breakbeats, dancehall, Hip Hop, Techno, and more, all smashed together and delivered to you at upwards of 180 BPM could still result in such heart wrenchingly beautiful music. Yes, I called it beautiful.

If you don’t consider yourself a fan, I urge you to give it a chance. Of course, you could strap on some headphones, lay back and let the beat hit you but, that might be too overwhelming for a new jack. So, I suggest you listen to it while you, oh I don’t know, perhaps play your favorite video game, preferably one that involves a lot of speed and action. Racing games are awesome as are any of the war games like Battlefield or Call of Duty. Once you get to that zone where it no longer seems fast but more like the grand opus Beethoven would’ve written were he still alive, you know you’ve arrived.

Ok, if you haven’t guessed by now, this weeks selection is a Drum and Bass set. And what an awesome set indeed. It was created by two masterminds, the fiendishly clever duo called Silent Code made up of DJs Missrepresent and Dapz, Aliina Mayes and Dean Pratt respectively. This awesome mix (I know, I said that already) clocks in at 50 minutes and believe me, that is more than enough for the uninitiated. Either way, prepare to have your minds blown, and if you’re lucky, perhaps fall in love.




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