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1200Dreams WeekendMix 7.20.12: Summer Chill OutIt’s just about mid-Summer and most people are either coming, enjoying, or going on vacation! I am the latter. Tomorrow at noon my family and I take off, well, drive off, to a week of fun in the sun in Ocean City, Maryland. Which got me to thinking of a playlist for the ride down.

Now, I can’t very well blast House music, Dubstep, or even Hip Hop non stop. My lady will probably jump out of the car before we even hit the George Washington bridge. Actually, I wouldn’t want to either. I need diversity too.

Now, I’ve always been a fan of Ambient and Chill out and I’ve been meaning to feature some mixes consisting of very laid back tunes, the kind that make you sigh deeply and take it all in. Well, no more better time than the present, right? Let’s get this show on the road.

As we settle in for the long journey South, the first mix I’m going to throw on is from German DJ 3DK. This cat is a master of weaving together sounds that send chills up your spine. His “Music for the Summertime” mix is pure beauty consisting of classic and recent tunes, all of which will leave you refreshed, excited, and happy.

Once the kids and the missus fall asleep, I’m gonna pop in the mix “In Time” by Balearic Social from the UK. This mix, which just hit the net on Thursday, is of a much more esoteric nature. Balearic Social has a flair for the dramatic, which you’ll notice from the onset with the sounds of ocean waves. From there he expertly and tenderly creates a rich tapestry of sound and emotions so moving, you just can’t help but ponder life yet, he still keeps it funky, testament to the skill he’s working with.

I’m sure, I’ll be listening to these mixes throughout my vacation and beyond. In fact, I suggest you download these mixes and keep them in your player forever, they’re that good.

Ok, I’m off to relax, restore, and well, who am I kidding, I’ll still be online, so see you soon.


A little Journey into Sound – Music for the Summertime… 2012

Balearic Social

In Time