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Craigslist help wanted ad for “new” Pacha club in Atlantic City is too good to be true.

At the age of 20 Will Sparks is in the thick of a very impressive twelve months.

Dennis Ferrer’s upcoming release featuring Janelle Kroll is a keeper. Preview here!

He has been DJing for less than five years, he wears a mask, he jumps around on stage, he is without a doubt a product of this new school of Internet fame, and love him or hate him he is here to stay. His name is DJ Bl3nd.

Defected Records teams wp with originator of the DJ bag, Manhattan Portage for some funky new styles!

New York’s a tough city in more ways than one, evident in the resilient residents including much of NYC’s underground arts community recovering from Hurricane Sandy and another Nor’easter. Yes, Club Kids really care in the city that never sleeps.

Oscar G. is simply one of the most exciting DJs out there today. Let’s just get to the music already!

Steve Lawler got his start by throwing an illegal party. Now, the only crime is missing one!