March 3, 2014


March is National Women’s History Month. I dont always know how to feel about these commemorative months we dedicate to a cause or what have you. Not that I am opposed to honoring woman, or black history (February), or Latino’s (September), it’s just that I believe we shouldn’t have to put aside a month to be aware of, or celebrate something we should be honoring every day. But screw my quasi political misgivings, if you can’t beat them, well, like they say, join them. Besides, its not like I’m not going to honor women, especially one as incredibly talented, beautiful, and hardworking as Nicole Moudaber!

We featured Nicole Moudaber as DJ of The Week before, so we’re not going to delve into her past and all, just click here for that. That being said, we’re not just bestowing this most glorious of honors on her cuz it’s National Women’s history month and all. Nope. Don’t get it twisted homie. Fact is she deserves the honor more so than ever.

Not only did Moudaber have an amazing 2013, a year which saw her release her first album ‘Believe,’ as well as launch her new Mood Records label, but she began 2014 with a bang too, launching her new In the MOOD party at The BPM Festival in January. Just this weekend, she brought the party to Brooklyn’s Output and of course, she and company (including her hair) killed it. And now, she’s set to take the party to Miami for the Winter Music Conference, where she and special guests Danny Tenaglia, Lauren Lane, Tom Peters, and Endo are surely going to kill it, again! Oh, let’s not forget that glorious head of hair (which I suggested to her should have its own Twitter account – she hasn’t taken me up on that offer…yet)

And what does Moudaber have in store for us for the rest of the year? Well, you can bet she will continue putting out the bangers personally and via her label and of course touring. She’ll be traveling the globe with stops in Italy, Germany and most notably Coachella. So, go celebrate one of dance music and DJ cultures hardest working woman, and do it every month of the year; she deserves it!




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