August 26, 2013
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This week kicks off the 28th Burning Man Project in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, which is transformed into Black Rock City just for this occasion. Along with the mission statement “… to generate society that connects each individual to his or her creative powers, to participation in community, to the larger realm of civic life, and to the even greater world of nature that exists beyond society….” the Burning Man Culture is guided by the Ten Principles. Inevitably, when you have tens of thousands of people converged on a single space, a party happens, or in this case, an eight day party, made up of a variety of camps who participate in the success and growth of The Burning Man Project.

It’s been quite the evolution from the first 8 foot Man burned on Baker Beach, San Francisco, witnessed by 20 participants. Boasting over 48,000 participants now, the 2013 burning man has swelled to a 40 foot creation on top of a 50 foot pavilion. There are no behavioral rules, the experience designed to push participants from everyday life into a world where self-expression reigns. This is accomplished through art installations, theme camps and music.

As with most long term events, there are certain things that become staples of the experience. The Scumfrog (Jesse Houk) is one of those staples. This prolific DJ/Producer/Musician/Vocalist has been participating in The Burning Man Project since at least 2007. With over 25 years of experience and having worked with such artists as David Bowie, Britney Spears, Missy Elliott, Annie Lennox, and Sting among, he seems to be unimpressed by commercial music and maintains a strong foothold in psychedelic and deep influences, throwing a bit of sci-fi into the mix, maintaining a reverence for the underground vibe he’s so good at. Deep House, Deep Techno, with a blending of some funk and percussions made him the focus of 1200dreams WeekendMix in 2010.

Scumfrog released his first album in 10 years on Armada Music, In Case We’re Still Here (April 2013). Beside his widely acclaimed song with Sting “If I Ever Lose My Faith”, the album features collaborations with Static Revenger, Vince Elliott, Vassy, and Christian Burns, while other tracks on the album contain Houk’s own signature vocals. 1200Dreams featured this release. Click here to check it out.

Currently calling New Mexico (US) home, Houk has hosted a weekly radio show, Glam Scum International, since 2009. His live performances are full of surprises and guest appearances. He certainly knows how to work a crowd and Houk is personable and responsive to his fans and supporters. This couldn’t be more evident than his very open dialog with fans via his FB or Twitter accounts or the fact that he doesn’t take himself that serious as seen in the Rubber band Portrait by Wes Naman Photography.

If you’re going to be at The Burning Man Project, here is The Scumfrog’s schedule of appearances:

If not, check out his August 15, 2013 Glam Scum International Episode, or click play below. Trust me, you’ll be pleasantly scummed, just like I was.