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We thought we’d do something positive on this Friday the 13th, so we featuring two mixes from DJs we found on Twitter!

The hit BET reality TV/DJ competition show Master of The Mix is just as much drama as beats. Let’s focus on the skills. Who’s your favorite?

Music can’t fix the problems of the world, but it can fix you, at least long enough until you’re ready to face the world again, and sometimes that’s all you need. These two mixes, should do the trick.

Now, that your bellies are stuffed, it’s time to stuff your ears with four awesome and varied mixes to suit your aural palate! It’s a Thanksgiving feast for the ears yall, let’s go!

Ready for some Dub Step? Of course you are, your future self has already thanked me.

Roland Clark’s newest track “Go Back (RC Exodus Mix)” scheduled to be released June 14th, 2011 on Delete Records. Listen here!

Special Edition Weekend Mix! 4 mixes from some of the hottest names heard during the 26th Annual Winter Music Conference!

We couldn’t wait to feature DJ Shadow any longer, so we didn’t.