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The future of House music is safe in the hands of Sonny Fodera. *Free download so you can hear for yourself.

Carlo Astuti drops new track ‘Music is movin’,’ much like he is. Free download!

Silvano Stangoni breaks open ADLM the way it’s Meant 2 Be.

In these “modern” times, we are constantly reminded just how fragile time is. It’s nice to reflect on where our roots started.

Spring is coming, but if you still need a swift kick in the ass to get motivated, we gotchu with three Drum & Bass mixes to do just that!

Living up to its name Deep Shit drops another one with Dubinsky’s Woman + free download!

Summer continues to roll on and we have three more mixes to add to your summer soundtrack. Trust us, you’re gonna want to pump these!

The quintessential band, Tortured Soul, ventures where few dare to go at a time when Auto-Tune and pre-programmed DJ sets seem to rule. Which is why they are so loved. Find out what the trio is up to in this one on one interview!

Just in time for WMC win a copy of Defected Records yet to be released and highly anticipated Most Rated 2013. Find out how here!

Music can’t fix the problems of the world, but it can fix you, at least long enough until you’re ready to face the world again, and sometimes that’s all you need. These two mixes, should do the trick.