November 15, 2013
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New York is where the world comes to party. That’s a fact. New York is where all the big names come to play and all the new names aspire to become big names. Legendary parties, artists, and locations have been born here. In this ever changing world, even legends falter. On November 13, 2013, after months of negotiations to renew a multi-year lease to maintain their presence at 218 Sullivan St. The Sullivan Room announced in a Facebook post that after twelve years its doors were closed.

The list of parties that are part of The Sullivan Room’s history include Libation, FunkboxNYC, Propaganda, Feel the Spirit w/Jellybean Benitez and SOUP. The list of DJs who have blessed the decks at the Sullivan Room is a who’s who of the Dance community. From every possible corner of the world, they came to play at The Sullivan Room and play they did.

I remember my first entry into the nondescript warehouse front of gray stone. Once passed the front, at the top of the stairs that lead down to the “Basement” is a painting that is part of the experience. The vibration of the music reached the top of the stairs and pulled me down into the heart of the beat. Memories followed me in and right back out of that dance floor, as I’m sure that it’s followed and remained with each DJ, artist, and dancer who has passed through those doors and danced by the speakers.

It’s always the music, isn’t it? The thing that binds us to a place, creates new friendships, moves us to lose ourselves in the experience. The Sullivan Room was certainly a magnet for some amazing music shared and turned into personal experiences for all of us. And while the parties find new homes, the staff pack up the ambiance of the last twelve years and the corners keep their secrets (and some of ours), we wanted to make this week’s 1200Dreams WeekendMix a tribute to The Sullivan Room.

The doors to the physical location may be closed, but in no way is the Sullivan Room gone. It carries on in the music, the memories, and the hope that this legend will find a new place to call its own.

Click play and let the music take you there.





After months of long, difficult & tedious negotiations with our landlord, our courageous & steadfast battle to renew a multi-year lease has come to an end. To our dismay & bitter disappointment, we have been forced to close our doors immediately & adhere to a legal order to vacate the premises after our final appeal to the courts to keep negotiations alive was denied.

After 12 successful, memorable & pioneering years, there is nothing else to convey at this bitter sweet moment but our Everlasting Love & Gratitude to the Ownership Team, Sullivan Room & Sullivan Hall Management & Staff, DJ’s, Artists, Promoters, Partners, Club Patrons & our DIE HARD SULLY FAMILY regulars who have time & time again crossed through our doors and shown their love & support for an underground club experience second to none.

As we literally pack up our mental & physical memories of the last 12 years over the next 12 hours prior to our departure, we will be sending out in the coming days an official, proper & well deserved family “Thank You” to honor the myriad of talented people who helped make this history a success.

In the meantime, please accept our deepest & gracious thanks for all that you have been to the Sullivan Room family, and all that you have provided to the history that is and always will be “The Basement”.

On behalf of management, staff, please accept our Love & Thanks!

Sullivan Room legacy will continue, stay tuned for news!