I love summer; beach days and barbecues, cool pools and hot bods, I even love the stifling hot days! Of course, I also love music and summer wouldn’t be the same without great music.

As you can imagine, running a music website means I come across and have plenty of music to choose from. Actually, we all do, it’s a great time for all music lovers. Still, despite the tons of music that we come across on a daily basis, it’s easy to get stuck listening to the same genre or group of genres over and over again, which is why I make a concerted effort to go digging deep all over the internet for sounds and DJs I don’t listen to as often, might have forgotten about, or never heard of at all. You find a lot of great music and DJs this way, which suits what we do here at 1200dreams perfectly.

Still, I feel we could do better so lately, we’ve all been making a more concerted effort to broaden our scope as a team. We hope you’ll be able to recognize this on your own soon without us having to point it out. Nitelife is not only about dance music or urban music, and we want to shine a spotlite on these other genres too. Following are three mixes that do just that and can still move a dancefloor or you in your car as you make your way to the beach and beyond.

Up first is a mix by DJ Soo titled ‘That’s My Jam’. This mix, uploaded over a year ago to Soundcloud, fucking rocks. As the description reads, this mix is just not another collection of a “bunch of big wobble-bass drops,” featuring cuts from Foster The People, Empire Of The Sun, Miike Snow, Punkin’ Machine, the mufuggin Gap Band, Eddy Grant, the only got damn popo I like, The Police and more, this mix goes very far from the big room clubs. And you’re going to be jamming to this for some time to come, especially since it’s a free download!

Next up is a mix by Chicago DJ Luniks titled simply ‘Indie Rock mixtape’. This mix is much newer and features cuts from a slew of indie rock bands I’ve never heard of but are already working their way deep into my brain! Do check it out. Oh, and this one too is a free download!

Last but not least is an eclectic collection of indie tunes from an advertising company out of Lithuania named NEW!. Moody and much more subdued than the two other mixes, this one is great for those late nite summer camp fires. Sad to say this gem of a mix is not a free download (believe me I searched high and low for it on Soundcloud), but you can always come back here to listen to it, so do bookmark this page – it’s worth it.

Ok, times running out and I need to get back to my summer and I’m sure you do too. Have a great weekend party people!

DJ Soo

That’s My Jam

DJ LUNIKS Entertainment

Indie Rock Mix