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While Hollywood can’t make up it’s mind who is going to write, direct, or star in a feature film version of the 30 year old anime classic, fans took matters into their own hands!

Sublime, mesmerizing, and pumping? Ferdinand Dreyssig & Marvin Hey’s Coeur De La Nui smells like a classic!

Named after the actual mass chaos that erupted in LA back in 92, LA Riots is a one man powerhouse in the electronic music scene that more than lives up to the power of such a tag.

Truly skilled turntablists will have you dancing and losing yourself to the groove, but will also slay you with the killer scratch skills. Ready to get killed?!

The Tomorrowland festival is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with one of its biggest lineups ever!

Help Tiësto find the artwork for his upcoming album A Town Called Paradise, by searching for it in the Nevada desert. What?

Fed up with a certain groups hate speech, shop owners in Philadelphia’s Liberty Plaza hired a DJ! Yes, you read correctly, a DJ. Why? Find out here.

Summer aint summer without the drum and Caporale Massimiliano’s Dadolè is one of the first house tracks to bring them to the forefront this year.

EDC is so big to make a documentary about it, it had to be in 3D and the theater turned into a party!

Their name is Detroit Swindle but they are from the Netherlands. But don’t worry, the only thing they get away with are dope beats.