March 5, 2012


It’s March, and for many that means one thing, Miami baby! Or to be more precise, it means Winter Music Conference, one of the largest gatherings of DJs and Electronic music pros in the world taking place March 16 to the 25th. With such an event taking place, we need to make sure our DJ of the Week selections are especially on point and feature some very big DJs. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be seeing features on the Guetta’s and Tiesto’s of the scene. In fact, we’re going to inaugurate this month on a much more spiritual tip, and take this all the way back to the mother land. Say hello to Boddhi Satva.

Boddhi Satva is from the Central African Republic, where from a young age he has been involved with music in some capacity. Whether part of a Hip Hop crew or producing beats for them and others, Satva has always had the music inside him. Wanting to expand his horizons, Satva packed up and moved to Belgium to attend university, and ended up falling in love with House music. Luckily for us, we are now being blessed with what he has to offer.

Ever since falling in love with House, Satva has been on a roll. In 2005 he released his first single “Music Speaks To Him” as well as two EPs “Prelude To A Motion EP” and “See The Day”. By the time he released the EP “Sarta Varti” with the singles “Talisman” and “O Dé Ko Do” in 2007 on Osunlade’s record label Yoruba records, the scene had taken notice and Satva was not only working on his own productions, but working as a full fledged producer and remixer. With his star on the rise, Satva opened the door to his own label, Offering Recordings and immediately began to churn out more quality productions, such as “Warriors of Africa ft. Fredy Massamba” and the EP “Ode To Ancestral Healing” as well as “His Presence ft. Ezel”, and more.

All this hard work has not gone unnoticed, he isn’t called “The Machine” for nothing. Yet, Boddhi Satva is just getting the attention he deserves. In 2010, El Maestro himself, Louie Vega signed Satva to his label Vega Records and immediately released “Who Am I” and “Life Is A Lesson”. Both these tracks and a slew of great remixes he’s done since have received much appreciation from the deep House underground. This month he will be in Miami, where he will be reaching deep into the listeners souls with that spiritual vibe he has become known for. Miami is all about partying and getting down, which makes this the perfect setting for Boddhi Satva, hey, someones got to purify these souls somewhat.




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