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Dance music is not all beats, love, and strobelites, it’s also about hard work, dedication, and struggle, something the subject of our interview knows all too well. Read our exclusive interview with rising star Noah here.

Let’s keep it simple for summer. Three mixes full of dope house beats for you. Ready?

Silky smooth House beats with EDM flair? Must be from Europe, right? Nope. New Yorker Graham Knox Frazier is in the house with upcoming release of new EP Robot Love.

Apparently, this track dropped around six months ago, but sometimes you just need to dig into the crates, even if they’re digital, and bring the masses something they may have missed. This is one of those gems.

He has been DJing for less than five years, he wears a mask, he jumps around on stage, he is without a doubt a product of this new school of Internet fame, and love him or hate him he is here to stay. His name is DJ Bl3nd.

Unsigned DJ Farouche’s new track ‘Taking Me Back’ will take you to a blissful state on the dance floor.

If you’re an 80’s kid or just love all things retro and played those 8-bit classic video games, you probably caught yourself at some time or another wishing some of their music were made into real club worthy music. Well, so did Must Die! & CRNKN.

Memorial day is a time to honor the fallen and take a look at what we’ve done with the opportunities afforded us as well as those we’re letting slip away. For instance have you heard of Electro Swing? Maybe you should.

From humble beginnings to worldwide superstar, German DJ tINI is on the rise, and it all began with a pair of Technics 1200’s!