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Vinyl Love: Large Vinyl Collections [Videos]

Vinyl is dead. Long live vinyl. Whatever your stance, some people love their records, really love their records. Check out our list of some of the most interesting videos of vinyl lovers and their collections.

Awesome TRON Dance Is A Must See [VIDEO]

Awesome combination of tech wizardry, dance, and electronic music combine in simply amazing TRON dance!

The Secret Is Out – Cosmic Opera Pre-Sale Tix On Sale RIGHT NOW!

More info released as Cosmic Opera pre-sale tix go on sale!

Numark + Berkey School Of Music = Sick Turntable Ensemble [VIDEO]

Numark has been working with Berklee College of Music and well, check out the awesome skills on display in this turntable ensemble!

Avicii Puts House To Work To Help The Hungry

Avicii’s music is loved for making us feel good, now his actions will too as he embarks on 25 city tour to feed the hungry!

What Is Cosmic Opera?

What is Cosmic Opera? We’re not sure, but this event which is being billed as an “extrasensory dance event” has us more than a little intrigued!

Epic Spoof On DJ Culture – Wanna Come to My DJ Night? [VIDEO]

DJ culture is huge right now, so you know what that means right? Yes, people are going to make fun of them. Especially, when everyone wants to be a DJ!

Preview My House Rocs – A Dance-A-mentary

Peep this preview of a House music doc (dance-a-mentary) in the works. If this preview is any indication, it’s gonna be fiya!

Black Coffee's AfricaRising Project Is Classic! [VIDEO]

Black Coffee is taking his music to an entirely new level, the classical one, lacing it with a 24-piece orchestra!

Sasha Closing Party Video Part 1 [VIDEO]

Check out the beautiful scenery from Sasha’s Ibiza fest Never Say Never in this dreamy video that just might depress you for not having being there!