Fedde le Grand is without a doubt one of the biggest names in the scene! Bout time we recognize!

26 year ago the WMC began rocking Miami, just as Todd Terry was rocking the world with his new House sounds. Time to pay our respects.

Brains, Beauty, and DJ skills, what more could you ask for? DJ Rhiannon is not just another pretty face behind the decks, she’s a serious DJ with skills. So, respect ya heard?

Roger Sanchez has been blazing a path in the world of Dance music as one of its premier DJ’s for over a decade. Now, he’s about to take the dance world to an entirely new dimension. For real.

Surprising who you can bump into out in the wild, wild web these days. For 1200Dreams’ first official Twitterview, our subject was a total surprise, even to us! Read about it here!