Tag "1200Dreams"

It is easy to forget that when DJ’s first came on the scene, they weren’t synonymous with electronic based dance music, laser light shows, and jam packed arenas. Let Questlove teach you how it really is.

Veranos are for backyard barbecues, parties, laughter, burgers, and beer. And also music! Mucha musica!

Beatkin’s latest is the fun and floor friendly ‘Bangin Sesam.’ Get it if you like your sets to bang.

Eli Escobar has always maintained a hard New York edge about him and it bleeds through in his latest track ‘Anotha Luv.’

Jimmy V. has created the sweetest of tunes with his song ‘Lose My Mind’.

Still Loving You is a reminder that real dance music cares about making good music.

Leftwing & Kody spearhead a collection of talent to reowrk a Todd Terry classic with great results!

Riva Starr’s latest cut In My Soul will touch you deep inside or just really make you want to dance.

The Beatles signified the beginning of youth culture as a commercial commodity. Half a century later youth culture is still a top seller.

Suspend your disbelief and lets take a ride on the Snowpiercer!