Tag "House"

King Casamena gives ‘Majestic’ the red carpet treatment with remixes by Osunlade, Ezel, Sobz, Zulumafia and Dikmal.

Brazilian Soul Crew feat Rainy Payne “Less Than” gives us more than we bargain for.

Get ready to be set free to move as you will … on the dance floor.

Forget Me is one of those tunes that hangs around like a bittersweet memory.

Pitto joins DFTD with genre bending You.

Michael Mendoza & MarllDexx join forces on this latest hard hitting release on Flamingo Records

DJJoels brings us the 7SIGNS and it’s all good.

Peven Everett is back. This King of Hearts leaves nothing to chance as he shows just how much “I just wanna make you happy”. He does.

Let’s keep it simple for summer. Three mixes full of dope house beats for you. Ready?

With almost 30 years of Deep House passion, Lars Behrenroth gives rich color to the Deeper Shades of House