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In these “modern” times, we are constantly reminded just how fragile time is. It’s nice to reflect on where our roots started.

At the age of 20 Will Sparks is in the thick of a very impressive twelve months.

With over 40 DJs from all over the world, MCH gives us a wide range to pick from for our WeekendMix. Here are four that are sure to move you.

Glenn Underground launches new label SJU Extensions with a stellar release by the tour de force pairing of Phil Hooton and Queen AaMinah.

Oscar P plays it Just like Music. That’s what he does best.

Peven Everett is back. This King of Hearts leaves nothing to chance as he shows just how much “I just wanna make you happy”. He does.

Dennis Ferrer’s upcoming release featuring Janelle Kroll is a keeper. Preview here!

Jeff “The Wizard” Mills:Detroit’s Techno Wizard talks hanging up his plaque. We say, since it ain’t broke, keep The Wizard in business.

Need a primer on what House music is really all about? Then, you need to pay close attention to what producer Ricardo Miranda has to say in this interview.

In this years DJ of The Year we celebrate the future of dance music by recognizing one of its greatest figures. Someone who has been there since its earliest days and who still has his finger on the pulse.