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Kenny Summit continues breaking new ground by digging into the crates of House music’s past and paying homage to the greats – all the while his eyes set on the future!

EDC might be a spectacular extravaganza of all things EDM, but when you want the real deal, you go to the after parties. And what they’re playing there is not necessarily what you hear on the stages!

We sit down with DJ, producer, and musician extraordinaire Scott Wozniak to talk House, the scene, and the Kickstarter campaign to fund his first solo effort in this exclusive interview.

NOA and Aldo Ron Sanchez’s new banger ‘Seems Like Yesterday,’ will finally be here, in about a week.

Kenny Summit on a roll and set to keep us dancing this Summer. Check his latest, Send Chills, right here.

This is the time that many of the new releases begin to take on that Summer feel good vibe, and Kenny Summit’s remix of Slyvia’s Love doesn’t disappoint!

Kenny Summit and Tim Martello give Kendrick Lamar’s Swimming Pools an entirely new vibe and you’ll love swimming in it! Quick, download it before it’s too late!

Oscar P. and Marcus Pearson team up on the sultry Violet resulting in a track that will surely put you in a mood.

Kenny Summit has been real busy lately. The East Coast DJ with international appeal is making major moves yet he sat down with us and opened up about his past, his future, and why haters are the most damaging thing on the scene today!

Video for killa remix of “Memoria” by Kenny Summit and Lord G is awesome, almost as great as the track! Watch it here