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WMC is this month, so we’re going to inaugurate this month in the best way possible, by moving our spirits with Boddhi Satva!

From child prodigy to Superstar DJ and producer, Quentin Harris is a force to be reckoned with!

From techno pioneer to pop star and back again, the path of dance music would have been very different without the towering presence of Kevin Saunderson.

Zouk is a special place, the place that has introduced dance culture to Asia on a huge scale. This 2 CD compilation captures the magic! Watch the preview video here!

Strictly Chill delivers another side of Strictly Rhythm, the side you need when there’s call for more of a tap, tap, tap than a boom, boom, boom. For a chance to win a FREE copy, $200 worth of iTunes gift cards & a pair of Angle & Curve headphones, read more here!

Most Rated 2012 – It’s all about the big tunes and House Hits, full length, unedited and unmixed. Find out how you can score a FREE copy here.

Osunlade is at it again with yet another book of images, this time images he has captured over the last five year while attending the Burning Man festival.

Sometimes, you need to shut the music off, but you always have to turn it back on again.

We will never forget is not just a catchy motto on a bumper sticker in reference to 9/11, it is a fact of life. But that doesn’t mean, we can’t dance.

You hear it said often, “House Music is a Spiritual thing,” and I am willing to bet no one feels that more than Osunlade. This episode of DJ OF THE WEEK goes to one of House Music’s most spiritual beings.