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Jean Claude Ades is all packed and ready to rock the Summer with his weekly party in Ibiza, his Global Radio show, and a new EP. Check the interview for all that he has planned and more.

DMC sat down and interviewed Erick Morillo recently resulting in a massive 39 minute video of the legendary DJ sharing his experiences from the very beginning to the present, and we just had to share the video with you!

Inner City’s Kevin Saunderson and singer/songwriters Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson sit down for an in depth interview about their past, present, and ‘Future’.

Marc ‘MK’ Kinchen is an artist-producer who straddles boundaries as few others can! Check out this interview with the House legend himself.

Music can’t fix the problems of the world, but it can fix you, at least long enough until you’re ready to face the world again, and sometimes that’s all you need. These two mixes, should do the trick.

With his residencies, new album, and his day gig as an A&R man, we were fortunate to catch up with rising star, DJ John Castell, and ask him a few questions! Interview + mix in what we like to call a special DJ OF THE WEEK, extended version!

Sage Molotov is as hot as the name implies, but it’s not because of her looks. It’s her skills that are explosive!

Numark’s much anticipated NS6 has launched and we have some video! We also have a special update about the equally anticipated ITCH 2.0 update!

DJ Onionz truly is a DJ that lives, breathes, and eats music. In fact, he was born into it, for real! Check out our exclusive Q&A interview with the one and only DJ Onionz!

1200Dreams caught up with Nutritious, one of the most appetizing DJ’s on the scene, to delve deep into his thoughts on the DJ experience and what he is up to now.