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Shout out to Jet Set radio for using one of our press quotes!

Our first featured DJ in our month long celebration of Latino DJs is Ray Vasquez. You may or may not have heard of him, but when the big dogs come to play in New York and when he walks into a club, the real party people know him.

With summer in the air it’s time to get into the swing of things, and we have four epic Electro Swing mixes to do just that!

Muted Trax latest release, “Doin’ You”, blurs the lines of blues and house with a touch of Cajun flavor.

I hope that while searching for images and using keywords such as NSA, freedom, and spying, I didn’t get myself in trouble. Happy Memorial day America.

This week I found that the deeper I went into the code I was programming, the deeper the music became!

House music is all over the world, but in case you have forgotten or are not aware, there are many colors of house. This weekend we take a trip to a different house. We’re gonna get a little jazzy, a whole lot of funky, and of course, very deep! Ready?

Silvano Stangoni breaks open ADLM the way it’s Meant 2 Be.

Dirty Cat Records plans to release it’s 20th single in preparation for the album “Lights”.

Graham Knox Frazier’s soon to be released “Sound of The” is dedicated in loving memory of Frankie Knuckles.